Scream TV Episode 1 review[spoiler alert]

Imdb description: ” what starts as a YouTube video going  viral soon leads to problems for the teenages of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the towns troubled past.”

Everybody (well hopefully everyone) knows about the classic slasher mystery murders Scream series. Basically a murderer is on the loose tormenting a single target by killing everyone dear to her. Now comes 2015 and we are introduced to a netflix original Scream TV series following similar events to the movies, only new characters and a new setting.

Episode one: Pilot- Character introduction and opening sequence *Spoilers ahead!*
” in the small town of Lakewood, the murder of a highschool student stirs memories of a similar slaying that took place 20 years  earlier.”

The epiosde starts off with a visual of a lake and a mans voice singing ” Daisy, Daisy give me your answer…” ( i figured it had some importance to the story line) it then transitions to a sneaky video being uploaded onto youtube of two girls making out. What…dicks really, that’s still a thing?
Essentially the people viewing and commenting know the girls in the video, writing hate comments and bash on them as the video goes viral.
Here a current social issue is being introduced- homosexuality being unaccepted and or unwanted. I know that homosexuality is still looked down upon, but i didn’t think people would care so much if someone was in this day day and age….but once again typical teenagers. Yes the series is based on teenagers in Highschool, very old looking teens ha ha.

After the whole sequence we are taken to a scene where the first two characters of the story are introduced.


Meet Nina, your typical bitchy leader up to no good, they call these types the “Whore” of the series ( if any one of you have seen Cabin In The Woods(2011) you would understand  my reference if not, i recommend it for a future watch )- she is the person who filmed and had the video of the girls making out uploaded online. Here we find out that the girl targeted in the video is named Audrey (who I’ll introduce later)


Meet Tyler, your typical jock trying to get into the leaders pants which he himself even suggest with his flirtations. Throughout this whole pointless conversation we find out they are just two horny teenagers, out to ruin someones life to make their life more entertaining. Well remove the pests as Nina says ” the weak are outed and eaten” hahaha…you are such a bitch.
By the end of the exchange Nina rejects Tylers request for sex exiting the car to enter her home, which leads to dissapointment on his behalf (I’m guessing he helped her film and try to destroy Audreys’ life)

Now onto the good part!

Within the few minutes of Nina walking into her house commanding the system to play music as she starts to undress and change into her bikinis, Tyler supposedly taps into her cameras and starts texting her certain videos.  One being a video  message of her tying up her bikini and talking to her dog then a follow up text asking “how does it feel to be the star of the show?”
Nina gets annoyed seeing that he filmed her through her laptop, she then  started walking around her house to the front door yelling things about how her dog could gut him if he was in the house. Now wouldn’t  you just find it creepy for someone to tap into your webcam and text you the videos? First off wouldn’t  you also question how he did that if he had no laptop in his car nor knowledge of how to do it..? (He didn’t  seem to be the brightest of people no hate)
So in response to all this, Nina opened her front door which i must point out WASN’T EVEN LOCKED! then stepped out, recieved another video message from behind got shocked and went back inside. Once again, she did not lock the door. I don’t  get it, who doesn’t  lock the front door anymore these days?? Especially when you have someone messaging you videos of yourself! Creepy much?

So even after all she recieved, Nina continued to head for the hot tub. Now even making the comment herself that her dog can gut people, she tells it to stay INSIDE as she goes into the hot tub. I mean…-sigh- do you not even think? Your boyfriend is sending you creepy videos of yourself and messaging you how you could be the new star! While clearly you’re telling him no, yet you leave the dog inside… I’d  bring the dog out  just to jump him for being a creep…
While Nina gets into the hot tub, the lights go off behind her and she sends an extremely fast text message to Tyler asking “was that you?” In response she gets something about him watching her, let’s  just say flirtatious messaging where by the end of it she tells him to come to her and so something about it.
Lady, what is wrong with you? you are 1) alright with him watching you, 2) you don’t  mind that he is tapped into your webcam and a security camera even (though i think the killer just camoflagued himself into the darkness) and now you are inviting him in…so you are aware that you did not lock the door yeah…?

So now that she has volunteeringly invited him into her hot tub, Nina recieves a message saying “Heads up” in which ends up being Tylers head thrown into the hot tub. Her face was priceless haha creepy boyfriend much, so what she does in response is scream then run to a tree where she tries to dry her phone and instead of typing 911 in her phone she ASKS siri to CALL 911.


WHO DOES THAT?? I mean you’re giving away your position for one (though he sees her but still!) Then you are in panic, siri  will not understand you! Plus she is an extremely  fast typer… it would have just been faster and less stupid… but that happened  and we can all guess what happens next!
Siri failed to dial 911 asking to call some other number so Nina runs to the doors which are, suprise! Locked yes. So infront of her dog who could have probably helped her.. maybe, she got slashed in the back then had her throat sliced, clean cut to i must say.


Just out of curiosity, does anyone else think that the new mask sucks? It looks more horror..ish but i look at it and it’s  as if he had a bad experience eating someone out and his face is like ” whhyyyy, why did i do that?? neeveerr agaainn” just noting the surprising shiny parts of the mask around the mouth… 

With the opening sequence concluded, i can say that it was a pretty obvious sequence for a slasher series which needs its first murder case to begin. Considering it is a slasher series, the opening is good and sort of informed. From it we know that the killer knows Nina, has a knack for technology and killing people but also knows about Audrey. This i say because in one text message he/she texted” mayble you’ll get more views than Audrey” specifying  one of the reasons why he/she attacked Nina and Tyler, they were involved with the video. 

Next we are introduced to the other “important” characters to the series.


Meet Will(left) and Emma (right)
Will is a Jock trying to get a basketball scholarship with the help of his girlfriend Emma. In this sequence viewers gain knowledge that Will  was suppose to meet up with Emma the night before, but he had apparently been stranded with a dead phone and no charger to contact her.  Throughout the epiosde we find out that really Will was with a fellow friend Jake up to no good, this then leads to a fight between Emma and Will as she puts together dots that Will had at one point during their “break” period slept with Nina. This gives Will a shady and unloyal aura around him. He does seem like jerk, not something that you would last with.

Emma on the other hand is your nice girl type, the one that didn’t  agree to what the group of friends had done to Audrey and tried to become friends with Audrey again. Emma and Audrey  had  a past, what happened between them is currently unknown but what we did find out is that Emma was there at the carpark with the others when the video was being recorded of Audrey and her lover-Rachel. To redeem herself Emma  used the becoming friends as a way to rid of her guilt, Audrey only became more pissed off with Emma and called her a “bitch”. Throughtout the episode we discover that the main target of the series is Emma, due to her mothers history.


Meet Noah (left) and finally Audrey (right)
Noah is one of the super interesting characters within the series, simply he knows his stuff. He is also someone that will confuse you in your path to figuring out who the killer is. Noah is a technology geek, he is smart and has a “fetish for serial killers” he is the character that introduced the story of Brandon James- the slasher from 20 years. He knows the ins and outs of a killers mind  from what he displayed during the episode and enough knowledge to murder someone. Noah is also Audreys best friend who is there for her and vise versa.

Audrey as we know so far is the one of the victims in the viral video posted online ( which has since been taken down and deleted) she states to Emma that she is not a lesbian but is infact bi-sexual. She is strong willed and fights for what she wants, in this cause she fights for her lover Rachel so that they can be together. At one point of the episode we see both Audrey and Rachel on a seat on the balcony making out, the camera then pans out and focuses towards the trees in the yard where we are faced with the killer looking straight at the girls under the balcony without them realizing.


The last four important characters of the series are as follows: Riley(left) and Jake ( right)
There isnt much yet known about Riley, she is a follower. She enjoyed making fun of Audrey and during the episode she gained interest in Noah and his knowledge asking him about how his slasher story ends.

Jake so far is a fishy guy that likes to cause a ruccus, he is responsible for having the video uploaded and removed later. He also reveals to Emma that Will was with him the night they were meant to meet up which Will tried to cover up with a stupid excuse(she didn’t believe him that much). There was a point in the episode where Will confronts him about some other videos asking if he deleted them,  in response he said he will but hasnt yet. This makes him seem even more shadier and more like a dick, i dont like Jake very much.


This is Brooke, so far she is what i would call the highschool slut, sleeps her way through highschool. She is currently sleeping with her literature teacher and has interest in a new student named Kiren(introduction next ). Brooke is also your typical rich girl, i think a daddies girl. She arranged to have a party at her lake side house in mourning of her late friend Nina ( a party for attention) where all the mentioned characters go to.


Lucky last Kiren, Kiren is your new attractive student that actually has brains and passion for literature. All that is known about him so far is that he has a  particular interest in Emma, his mother and step father past away in a car accicedent hence resulting to him living with his biological father who is coincidentally dating Emmas mother. He and Emma sort of hooked up during the party after Emma discovered Will cheated on her, that only made the situation more awkward for Emma as she was the only one between the two to know his dad and her mother are dating.

With the introductions passed i would like to add a few important notes about the episode before i conclude.

-When Noah told Kiren about the story of Brandon James he mentioned that the killer fell inlove With a girl who rejected him and ended up getting him shot in the end. It is later revelead that it is Emmas mother Maggie who is Daisy (name change) as Brandon had carved her a wooden heart necklace, Maggie had taken the necklace out of a box for us to see. After that a package was left on the porch that was addressed to “Daisy” when maggie had opened the box there was an animal heart left inside.


Brilliant scene to just a random heart and a note was left beside it saying how Emma looked just like her at that age, Maggie freaked out called her boyfriend the sherif and had it talked over.

– During the party Noah had passed out drunk saying the last thing they should do at a party like this with a killer on the loose is wonder off alone. After he passed out, the guys put him on the dock in just his boxers where he ended up floating to the middle of the lake. In result Noah jumped into the lake where “Brandon James died” and swam to shore, on his way he was pulled into the water as if someone was trying to kill him. He survived thanks to Kiren jumping in and helping him out, but evem though he stated he felt someone pull him down not everyone belived him because his foot was caught on fishing wire.

-in the concluding sequenceof the episode we are taken to a scene where Noah is in a car on the phone with Riley. He mentions something on the lines of “well Riley if you really want to know how the story ends..” and we are taken through different transitions of the different types of people who exist. Audrey removes a photo of her and Emma which underneath had a hardcopy image of Brandon,While Jake was moving different videos into a file called Nina. When the phone call ends Noah looks at the front view mirror the car and wipes his forhead as he exists the car where traces of blood is left.

So far epeiosde one has left me slightly intrigued  to continue the series. Is Noah the killer or at least apart of the murders? Or does he play a completely differet role. It is a bit of a mystery and i did have a few rants on it, mostly the opening scene because i just found Nina to be really stupid.
Also why did Audrey have an actual hardcopy photo of Brandon james pinned to her wall? Was the killer at the house to kill Rachel or to look over her and Audrey?
It’s  hard to believe that Audrey is related to brandon unless she is the daughter of his older brother who is mentioned through the story Noah gave. So in a way it is possible.

Many questions more episodes to come. All in all if you arent already i would give the tv series a shot, it has some good points and does seem to be intersting maybe it will stand up to its successors fame (maybe).

i hope you enjoyed my review well walk through of the episode haha, feedback is welcomed and if you have comments yourself let me know! But please don’t  spoil the ending of the series i do enjoy discovering things myself, i do like to have a discussion though 🙂


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